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My interest in photography was first stirred when I won a camera, at the age of ten. Back then, because of the expense of the B&W film and processing, my father and I setup a rudimentary darkroom at home. I quickly gained confidence and by the age of sixteen I was supplementing my income by selling my images. But due to the growing pressures of work and family commitments I soled my equipment. About eight years ago with my children grown, I was able to reignite my passion for photography. I joined Castle Hill RSL Photography Club and immerse myself in the wonderful new world of digital photography. I currently sit on the Management Committee of this club which is the largest photography club in NSW.

One of my photographic loves is for Portrait photography being a complex and fascinating area of photographic practice that, at its heart, has a dynamic process of collaboration between the sitter, the viewer and the camera operator. More than ever, my interests are in others I like people!

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