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"Hello! I'm Kenneth! I'm a freelance photographer who's in the process of collating enough photos to build a photography website! I'm very passionate, inquisitive and amazed by all things wildlife/nature! Since I was young, roughly five years old, witnessing and embracing magical beautiful moments in nature has always been what I really love!" My interest developed during my early childhood years, growing up in a suburb which was right beside a very large nature reserve!! That nature reserve harboured such a vast and diverse range of wildlife, such as spiders, snakes, big lizards, such as blue tongue lizards and goannas/lace monitors, scorpions, a vast array of different bird life, and an endless supply of countless different types of insects!! Some of my favourites being cicadas and 25 to 30cm long stick insects, praying mantises and very colourful, sometimes very large caterpillars!!

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