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Originally from the South East of France, I grew up surrounded by horses and donkeys. I've always admired equine species in general for their beauty and character. I am constantly aiming to capture these special "moments" in order to reveal their personality traits.

I started photography very early with the family's film camera and eventually upgraded to a compact camera, then onto a bridge, and finally a DSLR. I don't own a car but I have a fantastic camera!

Horses have, over the years, given me the chance to travel around the world: the Mustangs brought me to the "Wild West" of America, the Przewalski horses to Mongolia, the Arabian horses to France and throughout Europe, the Middle East, America and Australia.

I fell in love with the Arabian horses when I was a child and still to this day adore and draw much of my inspiration from their charisma and attitude.

Adding to my admiration of horses, I am very much motivated to further develop my skills and knowledge in all facets of photography. Over the last few years I have been working on different macro-photography projects and found myself infatuated with the "tiny wonders" it can reveal. These different aspects and techniques of photography allow me to show people how I see the world through my lens.

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