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Social Outing Tuesday, December 11th

Yacht Racing on Sydney Harbour

SOLAS Big Boat Challenge.

Again this year we will take the opportunity to photograph the large yachts, which compete in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, undertaking a pre Hobart race on Sydney Harbour. In previous years we have gone to Fort Denison which has proven to be a great location, this year we will have a change of venue to Bradley Head.

We should join up at Circular Quay and catch the ferry to the Zoo where we will have a 20-minute walk to Bradley head along the foreshore, which may present some other opportunities to photograph on the way. The race starts at 12:30 so to arrive on time we will need to catch the 11:20 F2 ferry from Circular Quay which will allow time for a short walk and set up together with catching some of the prerace activity.

Post-race I’m suggesting we catch the ferry back to Circular Quay and go to the Ship Inn for a late afternoon lunch. There are not food venues at Bradley head so you will need to take your own snacks and drinks to see you through the day. Hats and sunscreen will also be necessary.

Given the location, I’m suggesting you may need a wide lens, in the range of 24 mm or wider and your longest lens as well.

For those who do not wish to catch the ferry across, there is paid short-term parking (One hour I think, but your responsibility to confirm) at Bradleys head, the alternative is paid parking at the Zoo and catch the bus down.

Contact for this outing

Tom Brassil 0417248909


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