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7th April

Tuesday 7th April 2020 - Lecture Night - Joe Moreno

Steet Photography
This meeting will now be conducted by Video Conference for the first time. There is a limit of 100 seats so it's on a First Come basis


14th April

Tuesday 14th April 2020 - Workshop Night - ADOBE Workshop Presentation

ADOBE Workshop Presentation
On Site Meeting CANCELLED


19th April

Sunday 19 April 2020 - Steamfeast - Maitland

All things steam and more!



28th April

Tuesday 28 April 2020 - Competition Night

Monthly Competition night
Open and Set Subject.
Set Subject is MONOCHROME
On Site Meeting CANCELLED


29th April

Wednesday 29th April 2020 - Bienalle at Cockatoo Island

International festival of contemporary art

Bienalle CLOSED to the public
Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

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26th May

Tuesday 26 May 2020 - Competition Night

Monthly Competition night
Open and Set Subject.
Castle Hill RSL Photography Club

June   Castle Hill RSL Photography Club


9th June

Tuesday 9th June 2020 - Workshop Night - Photographer or Interpreter?

Photography is a strange art form in that instead of creating from a blank canvas with your own ideas and materials, you start with reality and take it from there. So how do you approach the art of photography? Do you aim to represent reality or to interpret it?


23rd June

Tuesday 23 June 2020 - Competition Night

Monthly Competition night
Open and Set Subject.


30th June

Tuesday 30 June 2020 - AV SIG

Audio Visual Special Interest Group Meeting

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Saturday 4th April 2020 - Tomís Outing


Our outing, dependent upon conditions will aim to get a sunset facing east, with the new the construction works adding to the challenge of composing the shot. Also use this opportunity to capture the Observatory with a night sky and the illuminated buildings and pathways.

From the same location we should be able to capture car light trails and Sydney Harbour Bridge lights. Long exposure photography trying to get either short trails and definitive cars all the other option is total light trails and blurred motor vehicles.

Proceed from here down to the Garrison Church and the rocks area via Cut. Then meandering around some of the laneway’s in the Rocks area.
Opportunities for selective Focus or try focus stacking to get a wide depth of view in challenging lighting conditions.

Depending on then time there may be opportunity to having a refreshing ale at the end of the night.

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