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Tuesday 3rd July 2018 Lecture Night


 Lecturer: Rob Smith B.Sc. (zoology) 

With a lifelong interest in wildlife and a science degree majoring in zoology from the University of New England, Rob is a photographer and digital artist with a difference, who was born and raised in Inverell, New South Wales.
Through his passion for photography, Rob aspires to express his impressions of wildlife, landscapes, and the character of the Australian environment using a naturalist’s knowledge and the tools of the digital darkroom. His photographic credo is "If it moves you, shoot it!"

He is a retired corporate photographer and videographer who judges photography—at national and international levels—and presents at photography conventions and seminars. Although Rob's primary photographic interest is the still image, he also relishes opportunities to create audio-visual productions to keep people awake at his presentations.

"Photography is not a hobby for me. It's a way of life." Rob Smith
Phoenix Room 

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